How To Train Your Dog

There’s no doubt about it. Training your dog plays an integral key to keeping them happy and active and ensuring they behave in the right way. But sometimes, it’s easy to get confused about getting started. You can read all the dog books, watch every video, and pay a personal trainer, but remember that getting the basics right is everything!

Most people tend to underestimate their dog’s ability to learn quickly. You’d be surprised to see dogs are very much like humans, and they love to play and show off their skills, especially if it means some treats are coming their way. Training your dog can be a tricky business, so here are some tips on training your dog with ease.

Bribery is your friend. When training a new behaviour, you want to ensure your dog does what you’re asking for. The best way to do this is to reward them with a treat when they perform the correct command. Some dogs will learn quicker than others, but it’s essential to be patient and consistent so that it genuinely sticks.

Routine is key! When training a behaviour, you want to repeat the same actions and commands repeatedly to ingrain it in their memory—This can feel like a chore at first, but the more you stick with it, the more rewarding it is when your furry pal finally gets it!

Consistency is important! You should always use the exact words or hand gestures when teaching your dog a new command because they need to know what means what, and if you keep changing up how you say things, they won’t understand. If possible, try not to use words that sound like anything else either (so avoid using “sit” instead; say “stay”).

Don’t be afraid of using treats, toys, affection or more as rewards for good behaviour—this will help reinforce.

How you train your dog is entirely up to you, but remember that every dog is different. There are many ways to help you prepare your dog and ensure that you have a happy, healthy dog for years to come. If you take your time, be patient and set your goals realistically, training your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pup! Good luck!

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