What NOT to Feed Your Dogs

Maybe you are new to having dogs. Or perhaps you have a bunch of them now. We cannot be inattentive to the kinds of foods we allow them to eat. We have to learn which ones are potentially harmful to our pets and know what situations can lead our loyal companions to fatal consequences from …

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Dog Food For Puppies

Puppies have unique nutritional needs that can be challenging to understand. Although the basics of puppy nutrition are similar to adult dog nutrition, there are a few critical differences. Here we look at the different types of healthy dog food for puppies and what they’re best suited for. Puppies are like little balls of energy. …

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No-Fail Dog Treats

We all know dogs aren’t picky eaters. They’d eat anything, anytime! But what if we underestimated them? What if there are some things they don’t like to eat at all. We’ve done plenty of research and asked fellow dog owners trying to find what are the no-fail dog treats/snacks every dog owner should know. And …

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