Dog Man’s Best Friend

Throughout history, dogs have been our loyal companions. Our ancestors relied on them to hunt and assist in the household. Dogs have also helped us find comfort while we’re imprisoned in war camps, acted as guides for the blind, and are now considered beloved family members in every household.

Dogs are amazing. They’re lovable, adorable furry creatures that we love having around. But why do dogs make such great friends? To understand how dogs became “man’s best friend,” we could look to our ancestors, who relied on dogs for food, protection, and warmth. We could look to the animal trainers and breeders who spent centuries cultivating the trust and loyalty of man’s best friend. Or we could look to our own dogs, who every day demonstrate their unquestioned devotion to us. But we think the answer is more straightforward than that.

Dogs are man’s best friend because humans are dogs’ best friends—even if we don’t always act like it.

Dogs are man’s best friend because humans are dogs’ best friends—even if we don’t always act like it. When a dog looks into your eyes, he knows you’re his companion, protector, and the source of all good things in his life. Dogs don’t care about our mistakes or shortcomings. They don’t judge us for being too severe or too silly. They don’t care about your past or future—only the time you spend with them in the present.

Some may say that it’s all about survival: dogs were made to please humans, so we (humans) would keep them around longer. But I think there’s more to it than that. The relationship between man and dog is a special friendship. Even though dogs have been here for thousands of years, we’re still learning more about our best friends every day.

So in some way or another, our dogs have given us permission to be more accepting of others and, by extension, more accepting of ourselves. And that acceptance makes dogs man’s best friend. Not just the unconditional love they show us but also the unconditional love they teach us to give to others.

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