Best Toys For Playful Dogs

As a dog owner, you know no creature on earth is more playful and energetic than your pup. You love watching them run around the yard and keep them safe when they’re out in public. Your dog has lots of energy and loves to interact with you, so finding toys that will help them release their energy, keep you close while they run around, and encourage interaction are essential.

Unfortunately, finding the best dog toys can be challenging to keep your playful pups busy. But, don’t worry, it’s not all that bad! There are plenty of great options out there when shopping for dog toys. We’ve got you covered with our pick of the best toys for playful dogs!

Fetch Toys: the dog toy of all the dog toys. Fetch toys are a staple dog toy for our furry pals. It keeps them entertained, happy, and occupied for hours on end. Fetch also doubles as play and exercise, especially in energetic pups. It’s a no-nonsense toy in different sizes, shapes, or materials (i.e., frisbee, ball, tree branch).

Chew Toys: Chew toys are all-the-rage among dogs as well. It’s an excellent diversion toy when training your pups not to chew on your belongings. In addition, investing in chew toys could be extremely helpful for those who have growing dogs, specifically puppies going through teeth growth, as they could help ease this unpleasant experience.

Squeaky Toys: Squeaky toys are no-fail dog toys that could entertain your dog anytime. If you want to get your dog a toy, they’ll surely like and enjoy, squeaky toys are your best bet. Unfortunately, it could get very annoying/disturbing to hear non-stop squeaks all day, so you might need to limit playtime with these toys.

Tug Toys: Another trusted dog toys are tug toys. Tug toys allow you to play more closely with your dogs as you’ll have to hold on to the other end of the rope/cloth for it to work. It shows your dog that you are as invested in playing and bonding with them as they are with you.

High-Tech Toys: Recently, plenty of high-tech dog toys (otherwise known as battery-operated toys) have been circulating the internet, such as automatic ball throwers, interactive motions machine, or self-propelling balls. If you’re a busy body, a parent, or simply a working individual, it’s hard to schedule a time to play or entertain your furry pals; this is where these high-tech dog toys come in. They keep your dog entertained, occupied, exercised, and ultimately happy whenever you can’t do it yourself.

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